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Halo Infinite Studio has a 'love-hate' affair with Craig • Eurogamer.pt

Halo Infinite Studio has a ‘love-hate’ affair with Craig • Eurogamer.pt

The situation was difficult to manage.

343 Industries has finally revealed an updated Halo Infinite gameplay and revealed a new image of Craig the Brute that caused a stir in the game’s presentation for the 2020 version.

After it became a topic being talked about around the world, this time it was The company is addressing the matter in an official letterIn it, he talks about some of the latest revelations this week.

The latest gameplay shows Craig looking fresh and Brute getting a special comment from the 343i.

“The team has a kind of love-hate relationship with Craig,” Steve Dick, the team manager responsible for characters and matches commented.

“While it was fun to watch the community lean toward Craig, it sadly liked some of the content and systems that weren’t ready to appear in this demo.”

“Craig’s positive result was that it was one of the factors in gaining more time to finish the job and getting the savages to a place where the team would be happy with them.”

“This is one of many positive examples of 343 working and aligning the Halo community around expectations. Players who pay close attention will be able to discover clues to Craig in Halo Infinite, where his spirit persists!

Brian Repka, who is responsible for character art for the campaign, added that “Craig delivered so well, believe me!”

“He’s gone through some changes, but I’m here to say he’s improved. He’s very happy with himself and gets along well with the rest of his wild friends. He’s also discovered a new hobby and has been doing well. Long time Craig!!

343 also shared a new image of Craig, in his updated version, in higher quality for everyone who couldn’t see it in the last trailer.


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