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The cleaning lady vented to her boss on her last day

English lady Julie Cousins, 64, chose to celebrate her retirement by venting her grief with the president of the bank she worked for for 35 years.

The image of the message was shared on social media by the son of the cleaning worker, and it garnered more than 140,000 likes among Twitter users, who supported Jolie’s decision by highlighting the manager’s rudeness reported by the woman.

Upon publishing the script, Joe, Jolie’s son, wrote: “That’s why I love my mom. She’s been cleaning banks for 35 years and I came up with this lovely remaining note of this terrible manager,” he said. “Happy to retire, mom. It was always the last laugh.”

At the start of the letter, the cleaning lady indicated that she was sending a classic farewell letter, ending her pending troubles of passing the wand to the next employee.

Tomorrow will be my last day to clean the bank. I made a bucket of detergent for the next worker, whatever, “wrote Julie.

But soon after that, the letter took a turn, taking a more critical tone of the former chief cleaning lady, which she described as “aggressive”.

“I left work after the way you treated me in the office, it was nothing more than aggressive and cruel,” he said, without going into details. “This is a reflection of your personality, not mine,” he said.

To wrap up the script, Jolie wished her former boss would now be a better person.

He said, “You can be anything you want, so choose to be gentle. Because you are no better at cleaning than anyone else.”

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Many of Joe’s followers praised the boy’s mother’s initiative.

“I never understood why people thought what they do for a living reflects their importance. I was raised on the belief that work is business and anyone who gets up and goes to work deserves the same respect, whether it’s picking up garbage or running the company, someone said.