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A woman gives birth during a flight to Hawaii |  Scientist

A woman gives birth during a flight to Hawaii | Scientist

A woman gave birth during a flight from Delta Airlines To Hawaii, the hospital said Sunday (2) Hawaii Pacific HealthIn Honolulu, the state capital American.

Lavinia Monja said she did not know she was seven months pregnant when she traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, bound for the capital of Hawaii on April 28.

Thankfully, Doctor Dale Glenn and three nurses – Lanny Bamfield, Amanda Beding, and Mimi He – were on the same flight and helped with the procedures.

Mounga began feeling contractions after three hours of travel – with the plane already flying over the Pacific Ocean – and health workers collected blankets and blankets to improve the delivery process.

After the birth of little Raymond, they still had to wait another three hours before the flight arrived at Honolulu International Airport.

Once off the plane, the mother and baby were taken to a maternity hospital where they underwent checks and received specialized care.

The two are fine and on Friday (30), still in hospital, received a visit from the nurses who helped bring baby Raymond into the world.

Lanny Bamfield, Amanda Beding, and Mimi Ho, nurses who assisted with procedures on board the flight. Photo: Hawaii Pacific Health

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