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Mexico records the first case of the Indian Covid-19 virus, a scientist

Mexico records the first case of the Indian Covid-19 virus, a scientist

a Mexico The first case of Indian coronavirus infection was recorded in San Luis Potosi state in the north-central part of the country, the authorities said on Sunday (2).

Residents of Mexico on a shopping street amid the Coronavirus pandemic – Photo: Rebecca Blackwell / AP

“We were notified yesterday about three new isolates, and the variants were identified in three samples, two of which are not significant and one of significance specifically B.1.617, which was originally identified in India,” said Miguel Angel Lutsu, secretary at a press conference. Local health.

“He was already recognized in our country, and in fact it was the first time that he was identified here in San Luis Potosi,” he added during a press conference.

The official said that the replacement has been identified in a person residing in the state capital and that the investigation process is underway.

“Most likely, it was due to contact with people who were in the United States,” he said. He added that the injured person was recovering and was no longer in the hospital.

The Indian variant of the Coronavirus is said to be partly responsible for the deadly second wave of the epidemic in India.

World Health Organization (Who is theLast week it announced that this virus mutation had been identified in 17 countries, many of them European.