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The Chamber approves the creation of the Joao Pessoa Council for Science, Technology and Innovation

The Chamber approves the creation of the Joao Pessoa Council for Science, Technology and Innovation

On Tuesday morning (28), the Joao Pessoa City Council (CMJP) approved the bill establishing the City Council of Science, Technology and Innovation, in the capital of Paraíba. The proposal, written by Chancellor Dorval Ferreira (PL), will be approved by Mayor Cicero Lucena. Whereas the Municipal Science and Technology Fund, also written by the parliamentarian, is already a municipal law and will have resources to encourage public policies in the technological field.

According to Council member Derval Ferreira, the Secretary of Science and Technology (SECITEC) will promote important policy actions in various areas of technology and will be able to rely on the Council to guide public policy and be able to promote science, technology and innovation by financing projects from the resources of the Municipal Technology Fund. “Studies were conducted to establish the council and the fund with the support of universities, various productive sectors and other important sectors in the sector,” Dorval says.

According to PL, the council will have “as an initiative to define a policy to stimulate, encourage and mobilize the various segments of society and government in any and all activities that promote research and development of technological innovations carried out in the city of Joao Pessoa”. The municipality’s Science and Technology Fund, managed by SECITEC, will have its own resource source for selling e-waste with an environmentally sound destination. These resources will encourage small businesses, promote campaigns to preserve the environment, and research and projects in the areas of science, technology and innovation in the municipality. While the fund grants autonomy to finance various projects, the board will contribute to the planning of the sector’s general policy. ” emphasizes the consultant.

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Dorval Ferreira highlights that his experience gained when he was Secretary of SECITEC was crucial to promoting and supporting policy actions in the various productive sectors in the technological field which, in his opinion, continue to boost the local economy, as well as generate employment and income in Joao Pessoa.