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The blue card will be tested in football;  Find out how the new rule will work

The blue card will be tested in football; Find out how the new rule will work

The new card will cause the player to be removed from the match for 10 minutes and may also lead to expulsion in the event of a repetition

The blue card test can begin in football | Photo: Reproduction of social networks

The Blue Card will be tested in football soon. This should be announced by IFAB (the association responsible for football rules) on Friday (8/2). For the first time, high-level competitions (such as the World Cup) are excluded from testing with the new product, which promises to shake up the football world.

A new card will remove the player from the match for 10 minutes. If a player receives two blue cards, or one yellow and one blue, he will receive a red card and be sent off.

The testing should start in the European summer, in the FA Cup. Information from the newspaper “The Telegraph”.

Another novelty

In addition to implementing the Blue Card, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) is also considering a measure that would allow only team captains to communicate with referees. The organization considers this rule an effective means of combating “the cancer that kills football.” The standard already exists in other sports, such as rugby.

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