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Hiring Manager Says - 08/31/2021 “The Corinthians are not crazy”

Hiring Manager Says – 08/31/2021 “The Corinthians are not crazy”

boss football Act CorinthiansRoberto de Andrade said the club “doesn’t do anything crazy”. Rent heavyweights for the season – In just the past two months, the team has met Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Roger Geddes and Willian.

And in an interview with “SBT Arena” last night, the leader, who was the team boss, detailed part of what had been accomplished to enable the quartet’s arrival.

“Just for everyone to know: Corinthians, to this day, have taken 23 players out of the squad. That’s right. [foi feito] With loans and sales… we reduced salaries by more than 5 million Brazilian reals. That’s why it opened up space on the paper for players to come in. Corinthians don’t do anything crazy,” began Roberto.

Then, when asked by host Benjamin Buck about rival fans’ ridicule about a possible shortcoming, the director responded by highlighting the Excess in semester accounts.

“We are angry about this. First, all the people who say this have no knowledge of Corinth… He is not here and does not follow our daily life. Corinth has just finished his semester with a surplus, this is a very positive factor. But Corinthians supplies the media.”

Finally, he was positively surprised by Willian, who agreed to a wage cut Leave Arsenal and return to the club that formed it.

Roberto concluded his speech in “Arena SBT”: “What we feel happy and surprised is the amount of money he gave up receiving to play for Corinthians, and this is what the fans should praise. Not all athletes do that.”

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