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The BBB 22 poll revealed that one of the finalists was rejected

The BBB 22 poll revealed that one of the finalists was rejected

Part of the survey BBB 22 Shows rejection of one of the finalists. In the dispute over the prize of 1.5 million Brazilian riyals with Arthur Agyar and Paulo Andre Camilo, Douglas Silva He appears in the contest lantern, with only 4.68% of the audience favoring winning the reality show over Globo.

in a vote the news, Mayra Cardi’s husband leads with 75.10% of the vote to be the champion. The Olympic athlete comes in second with 20.21%. More than 380,000 posts have been registered until this text was published.

In the UOL poll, with over 343,000 entries, the actor from Cidade de Deus (2002) was the least voted: has a 4.41% chance of winning. The former Rebelde got first place with 64.09% of the votes, followed by Paulo Andrewhich comprises 31.50% of the gate voters’ choices.


Final: Who will win the BBB 22?

The surveys are not scientific in nature, they only depict a trend on the part of the audience of Big Brother Brasil 22. The official result of the final of the season is the one obtained by votes in Gshow and will be known during the program presented by Tado Schmidt on Tuesday (26).

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