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end of friendship?  Paulo Andre talks about Arthur Aguiar in "Altas Horace"...

end of friendship? Paulo Andre talks about Arthur Aguiar in “Altas Horace”…

Goiania, May 8, composed by Elaine Alves. entertainment notebook Prime Minister’s Notes Brings an article about the athlete Paulo Andre and Arthur Aguiar BBB 22 Champion. It seems that their friendship does not last here.

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Since winning the reality show, Arthur Aguiar has lost his friendships, proposals, and followers. In addition, what is most noticeable is the dismissal of the winner, even by his colleagues in confinement. the athlete Paulo Andre and Arthur Aguiar They were very good friends inside the BBB house. However, it seems that the friendship will not last here.

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Paulo Andre and Arthur Aguiar don’t talk to each other anymore

PA received 29.91% of the vote, and came second in the reality show finalist. He received a prize of 150,000 Brazilian riyals. The guest of the program “Altas Horas”, the former BBB said what he intends to do with the award program. paying off:

“I still haven’t had time to do anything, in all this rush. But I have some dreams to fulfill, like traveling with my family. I have the wisdom to use them all now!” he said.

Serginio Grosman took the opportunity to ask what everyone was curious about. How is the friendship between the brothers Paulo Andre and Arthur Aguiar? Serginho’s question was whether the athlete actually spoke with his friend, Arthur Aguiar, after the program ended. However, viewers noted that PA was a little embarrassed when answering this question. The answer was:

“He is in his moment, and I am in my moment. We haven’t had a chance to talk yet. That’s it.”

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When asked about his career as an athlete, he said that he spoke to his father, who is also his coach, about participating in the World Athletics Championships in July in the United States. However, PA stated that even after his career, he doesn’t want to lose the timing of everything he harvests thanks to the BBB.

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