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The record displays the VAR technology of the 10th Farmers Test

The record displays the VAR technology of the 10th Farmers Test

Before Cesar Black was officially announced as the tenth farmer of A Fazenda 2023 (record), the show’s production team performed a VAR on the dynamics after complaints on social media.

What was the public complaint? Viewers of the reality show took to X (formerly Twitter) to say Black had broken the audition rule. According to them, the former BBB took the cards in hand to the bench – which would be prohibited.

In the live program, Adrian Galisto showed pictures of the dynamics and said that holding cards in your hands is not prohibited.

What did the announcer say? “We were checking the test because they raised the possibility that the bag could be a base for holding the products. But that wasn’t a rule, it wasn’t mentioned. So much so that the three of them, at one point during the test, ‘they held the products with their hands.’ We have VAR here. “I said they could get past this cat’s cradle any way they wanted.”

How was the test?

The test tested Alicia, Black, and Shay’s memory and agility.

rules. Pedestrians need to find the offers in the store. The faster they were, the more points they accumulated – and each correct product was worth points. At the end of the four rounds, whoever had the highest score became the new farmer.

At the end of the fourth round, the result was as follows: Alicia scored 1000 points, Black 1600 and Shay 1100.

With this result, Black received his tenth farmer’s cap of the season.

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