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The airport innovates and hires a 14-year-old cat to help patients with anxiety

The airport innovates and hires a 14-year-old cat to help patients with anxiety

Imagine you are walking into an airport and you are greeted by a nice guy therapy cat, ready to make your trip more unique, innovative, relaxing and fun. At San Francisco International Airport, this scene becomes reality with the arrival of Duke, a 14-year-old cat who joins the crew.

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A special assistant for anxious travelers

San Francisco International Airport, as the international airport is known, welcomed a very special employee, 14-year-old cat Duke. It’s part of the Wag Brigade, an initiative that brings therapy animals to airport terminals to make travel more comfortable for passengers.

Terminal cat charm

Duke is known for his irresistible charm. The adorable cat wears the “Pet Me” jacket, meaning to pet me or play with me, and interacts with passengers in the airport terminal. In addition, he owns a set of clothes, including a tie, hat, and even an ID card.

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intended meeting

Duke’s owner, Jen Morris, said she adopted Duke in 2010 when she was visiting an animal shelter looking for a talking pet. Duke, who was about a year old at the time, had his paws extended around the cage, implying that he was picking on his owner.

From domestic cats to therapy cats

Duke’s calm, cool, and friendly demeanor inspired Gene to put him through special training: a therapy cat. He began treating patients at a San Francisco hospital, where, with the doctor’s permission, he would be transported in a patient cart for pets.

The mission of the Wag Brigade

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WAJ Brigade was established in 2013 to transform the passenger experience at airports. In addition to Duke, the team is made up of other therapy animals, including what will be the first treat pig, Lilo, 15 dogs and even a big bunny named Alex.

With his feline charm and friendly manner, he is a true hero, ready at all times for those traveling to and from airports in search of comfort and tranquility.