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How a Multipolar World Is Born: An Interview with Pepe Escobar

How a Multipolar World Is Born: An Interview with Pepe Escobar

247 promotes conferences with the International Correspondent in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo

247 – Brasil 247 and TV 247 are pleased to present the event “Inside History: How a Multipolar World is Born”, with the famous international correspondent Pepe Escobar. Conferences will be held on June 16, at Sao Pauloand June 23, at Rio de Janeiroand promises to be a unique opportunity to understand the major shifts in the global balance of power.

Pepe Escobar, a journalist and political analyst with extensive experience on the international scene, will explore the emerging trends shaping today’s multipolar world. The events will provide an in-depth look at crucial issues such as the new global balance of power, de-dollarization, and the progress of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

During the conference, Pepe Escobar will address the concept of a multipolar world, discussing how it develops and what are the implications for countries and the global system. It will be an opportunity to understand the existing dynamics and possible consequences for international relations.

The rise of a multipolar world marks a major shift away from the old power system centered around a single superpower. Economic, geopolitical and technological shifts are reshaping international relations and challenging the established order. In this context, the Pepe Escobar Conference will allow participants to better understand the implications of this new paradigm.

After the conference, there will be an interactive moment where all participants will be able to ask questions to the speaker. This is a valuable opportunity to gain additional insights and clarify questions about the topics covered. The exchange of ideas and dialogue will further enrich the event experience.

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Don’t miss the chance to participate in this exceptional event. Join us on June 16th in São Paulo, Register at this linkAnd on June 23 in Rio de Janeiro, Register at this linkand dive into discussions about a multipolar world with Pepe Escobar.