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Crefisa’s owner travels to the United States to negotiate the purchase of SAF from Vasco

Crefisa’s owner travels to the United States to negotiate the purchase of SAF from Vasco

Lamacchia is analyzing the possibility of purchasing the 70% stake currently owned by 777 Partners, which is at the center of investigations in the US for accounting fraud. Financial pyramid. For this reason, the Brazilian court temporarily removed the company from control through an injunction.

Yesterday (16 years), former player Pedriño, who is Vasco’s president, gave an interview and admitted his closeness to José Roberto Lamacia, but did not mention the details of the negotiations. He ruled out the possibility of football returning to the control of the members.

Unofficially, Pedrinho and Lamacchia have already spoken about the possibility since the former player was nominated. The two appeared together in photos and videos and admitted to the possibility of a partnership, but without providing details on how this would happen.

Today (17) Rodrigo Capello, journalist from GE.comIt also revealed that Crefisa has already contracted out a due diligence process to assess business risks.

It is worth noting that Leila and La Macia recently took over the management of Arena Barueri for 35 years and also opened Placar Linhas Aéreas, which offers rental services for the Palmeiras, but is also available to other teams.

The president of Palmeiras says through her advisor that she is not participating in the negotiations:

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