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The actor who plays Charles in The Crown recounts the royal's reaction to the series

The actor who plays Charles in The Crown recounts the royal’s reaction to the series

Dominic West, who plays Charles in Season 5 of the crownHow was it to meet Camilla Parker Bowles, the king’s wife in real life, after she was cast in the series. He talked about it in an interview with the British magazine Radio Times.

The Queen, now 73, was met at a party in 2021. According to the actor, Camilla referred to him as “Your Majesty” when greeting him, giving positive indications about the performance in the series.

King Charles III also reacted, indirectly, to West’s performance in the series. The actor says that after accepting the role, he offered to resign as an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, a charity founded by Charles. The organization helps disadvantaged youth in the UK through courses and job opportunities. The idea was to avoid a conflict of interest between the two jobs.

However, Charles’ team refused to resign and insisted that West remain involved with the establishment. According to the actor, a letter sent by Charles’ private secretary said something like: “Do what you want, you are an actor. This has nothing to do with us.”

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