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That said, have courage: Renato Portaluppi sends the passing fact at Flamengo and reveals the return

That said, have courage: Renato Portaluppi sends the passing fact at Flamengo and reveals the return


The coach talked about his time in charge of Flamengo

© Thiago Ribeiro / AGIFRJ – RIO DE JANEIRO – 06/11/2023 – BRAZILEIRO A 2023, FLAMENGO X GREMIO – Gremio coach Renato Portaluppi during a match against Flamengo at the Maracana Stadium for the 2023 Brazilian A Championship. Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Flamengo is performing well this season, finishing second in the Brazilian Championship with 27 points, in addition to the round of 16 of the Libertadores and the semi-finals of the Brazilian Cup. The good football presented by the club makes the fans forget the passing of some other coaches, such as Renato Gaucho, vice-champion of Libertadores with the club.

In an interview with Lance! , the coach explained his time at Flamengo and said he arrived at Mengão in a “crossfire”. In addition, he revealed a possible return to the club. During his tenure, Renato captained Fla in 37 matches, with a record of 24 wins, eight draws and five defeats.

“Who wouldn’t want to go back to Flamengo? Maybe another time. I was very happy at Flamengo, even without winning. The biggest clue is that the whole group hugged me when we faced us at the Maracanã. I made great friends with the group, on and off the field. Unfortunately, no address came. Flamengo caught fire: three competitions, seven or eight players injured and that episode with Andreas in the Libertadores final, where he stepped on the ball and we could have won the Libertad.” And Reis. These things happen, but I tried to do it right. If one day I have to go back to Flamengo, no problem at all,” said Renato.

After passing through Flamengo, Portaluppi arranged his return to Gremio, where he is currently based. After the coach, Fla had Paulo Souza, Dorival Jr., Vitor Pereira and now Jorge Sampaoli. Robro Negro returns to the court on Saturday (22), 4 p.m., against America-MG, for Brazil.