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Tesouro Direto: declining at a steady rate of 12.3% annually;  Resumption of negotiations after two periods

Tesouro Direto: declining at a steady rate of 12.3% annually; Resumption of negotiations after two periods

São Paulo – Trading in government bonds via Tesouro Direto resumed at 1:45 p.m. Friday (22), after two suspensions. The day is filled with extreme risk aversion, which causes fluctuations in the prices and rates of securities.

Financial agents are following with concern possible developments in the government, after the resignation of the secretaries of the Ministry of Economy yesterday (21). Once again, Paulo Geddes’ permanence in the portfolio has been called into question, due to rumors that he was also going to resign.

Upon return to trading, the yield paid for paper due in 2031 was 12.34%, down from the 12.73% seen around 12:00. The day before, the same newspaper gave a return of 12.10%. Value is a record for this role, which began to be presented at Tesouro Direto in February of last year.

At the same time, the interest paid on bonds due in 2024 was 11.87%. The ratio is down from the 12.22% recorded at lunchtime, but still above the 11.36% seen on Thursday afternoon. The rate is the highest ever delivered by a bond, available at Tesouro Direto since February 2021.

Among the inflation-linked securities, the real yield that IPCA + Treasury paid with maturities in 2055 and a semi-annual interest payment was 5.31%, compared to 5.50%, at 12:00. However, the value is still higher than the 5.48% recorded yesterday.

The same situation happened with inflation-linked securities maturing in 2026. The real reward offered by these securities fell to 5.13% at 1:45 pm, versus 5.34% at the most stressful time of the day. The day before, the same guarantee offered a real return of 5.25%.

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Check out the prices and quotes of all government bonds available for purchase at Tesouro Direto that were shown when trading returns on Friday afternoon (22):

Source: Tesouro Direto

Exit from the economy, truck drivers and PEC from the primer

One of the highlights of the local scene in Approval, by 23 votes to 11, of the PEC text from Prekatoria Yesterday (21) by the Special Committee of the House of Representatives. The opinion was presented by Rapporteur Hugo Motta (Republicanos-PB). The text is now ready to be included in the public agenda, where it will have to be submitted to two rounds of voting.

The alternative provides space for about R$83 billion in the 2022 budget, with a lock on the government’s judicial debt repayment and a change in the spending cap methodology – the fiscal rule that limits the evolution of a large part of public spending to the accumulated inflation of the previous year.

In addition, the adopted text makes it possible to circumvent the so-called golden rule – a constitutional article that states that the government cannot afford to pay for current expenses.

Changes around the spending cap caused the Ministry of Economy to suffer yesterday (21). Secretaries Bruno Funchal, who was in charge of the Treasury and Budget, and Jefferson Bettencourt, who was in charge of the National Treasury, left their posts.

In addition, two assistant ministers of the Ministry chose to leave: Gildenora Dantas, who was responsible for the treasury and the budget; and Rafael Araujo from the National Treasury. Both claimed “personal reasons” for leaving.

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In the wake of the elections and rising diesel prices, President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) confirmed in a live broadcast yesterday (21) that about 750,000 truck drivers will be able to do so. Get BRL 400 . allowance. According to the chief executive, the government should spend “a little more” 3 billion R$ in resources within the budget.

However, the announcement made by the president as a way to offset the increase in diesel prices was not happy. “Category, collectively, is to disavow his speech. José Roberto Stringaski, over the phone, said to Infomoney.

Stringasci is the current president of ANTB (National Transport Association of Brazil), one of the entities representing independent truck drivers in the country.

International dinner

In the offshore scenario, indicators are working with mixed trends on the New York stock exchanges. Yesterday, the S&P 500 renewed its historic high, while the crop of corporate balance sheets continued to deliver better than expected results. Of the 101 Standard & Poor’s 500 companies that have reported their results so far, 82.6% have exceeded expectations, according to data from FactSet.

Also in the United States, Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the US central bank, admitted today that inflation in the country should last longer than expected. Powell also said that if this scenario continues, the monetary authority is ready to act.

Meanwhile, in Asia, stock exchanges reported mixed results on Friday, after shares of China’s Evergrande Group rose 4.26% in Hong Kong. Reports said the debt-laden developer should pay by Saturday the dollar-denominated bonds, which expire on September 23.