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Emergency assistance will have new installments;  See values, calendars and rules

Emergency assistance will have new installments; See values, calendars and rules

a first aid The one approved by the National Congress is an advantage to guarantee a minimum income for Brazilians in a more vulnerable situation during the COVID-19 (new coronavirus) epidemic, given that many economic activities have been severely affected by the crisis.

In 2021, the allocations are expected to last until October. To receive, you must fit one of the rules:

  • lack of active official business;
  • Not receiving financial resources from Social Security, assistance, employment benefits, or from the Federal Income Transfer Program, except for the Abono-Salarial PIS/PASEP and the Bolsa Família Program (PBF).
  • Not having a monthly family income of more than half of the minimum wage;
  • not be a family member earning a total monthly income of more than three minimum wages;
  • not be residing abroad;
  • Not having in 2019 taxable income of more than R$28,559.70 (twenty-eight thousand five hundred and fifty-nine reais and seventy cents)
  • you did not have, on December 31, 2019, possession or ownership of assets or rights, including vacant land, with a total value in excess of R$300,000.00 (three hundred thousand R$);
  • you did not have, in 2019, exempt, non-taxable, or exclusively taxable income from source, which totaled greater than R$40.000.00 (Forty Thousand R$);
  • click here Learn more rules!

To see if you are entitled to a value 150 BRLAnd the 250 BRL, or 375 BRLJust access the portal Previous History and carry out a consultation with your personal data.

To receive the feature online, access square his. Emergency aid will also be paid in branches Federal Savings Bank, at electronic service stations and at the lottery.

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Check out our full report on the new premiums for emergency aid in 2021:

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