According to the researcher, it is recommended to wear the mask after vaccination until the number of victims is very high.

Corona virus – second year

It has been more than a year since Chinese officials reported a new, fast-spreading virus to the WHO. Since then, there has been hardly a person in the world who has not heard the word Covid-19, and mourns with a new relative or friend for several weeks, while the new disease is over, the reserves have collapsed in weeks, and our whole life has been rewritten by the epidemic. Now, vaccinations are complete, which not only raises a lot of questions of hope, but at the same time threatens another mutation, not just stopping the virus. Details of this fight can be found in our series of articles.

The Covit-19 vaccine does not protect against infections, only against viral infections, especially when hospitalized – he said Kattalin Kariko for I Love Hungary.

“Antibodies circulating in the blood and memory cells do not prevent the virus from multiplying in the cells of the nasal and oral mucosa. There are reports of Pfizer vaccine, which reduces the chance of infection by 30% and shows that the infected person is less likely to spread the virus. ”Said a Hungarian researcher living in the United States.

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He said that even a Govit-19 vaccine does not protect against 100% of the disease, and that even the most effective MRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, protect 95% of vaccinated people from symptomatic disease.

Carico stressed that it is recommended to wear the mask after vaccination, as long as the number of victims is very high. On the one hand, the vaccine should not be sent to prevent infection, or if it is infected.

According to the researcher, it is not true that there are a large number of mutants who are vaccinated.

Cattalin Carige quotes an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, noting that the origin of the variants is not caused by vaccines, but by infections in people undergoing immunotherapy.

“The article describes the medical history of a 45-year-old patient who became immunocompromised by an autoimmune disease and was infected with the corona virus. The patient had a positive Govt test for five months because his suppressed immune system could only partially fight the virus and he could not beat it. As a result, many more strains of the virus developed in his body, which eventually led to the death of the patient. ” he said.

According to Katalin Kariko, the vaccine is important so that the virus is not likely to develop into mutants.

People who became infected after vaccination also thought they might have caught the virus because they did not get the right dose of the vaccine.

The biochemist did not believe this, he said at a very low level during the medical examination. Katalin Carico said they still did not know if the restoration was needed, and if so, how long.

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