The cargo ship was completely blocked by shipping.

One of the world’s largest cargo ships got stuck and stranded in the Suez Canal on Tuesday, hauling cargo on an east-west waterway, the ship’s operating company, Taiwan’s Evergreen Marine, confirmed to the Financial Times on Wednesday.

Ship surveillance satellite operators’ data show that a container agent, Evergreen, crossed the southern tip of a narrow waterway past Egypt on Tuesday morning and ran aground. Duckboats are now making serious efforts to free them.

It is not yet known what caused the crash, which blocked the container carrier traffic, leaving a number of ships behind.

Evergreen said Wednesday that their ship sailed from the Red Sea to the Suez Canal on Tuesday morning.

About six nautical miles from the southern end of the canal, the ship may have been struck by unexpectedly strong winds, which diverted from the direction of travel and accidentally ran aground.

Evergreen Marine clarified.

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At According to ship tracking application data, the container carrier’s nose was tightly attached to the east wall and its sharp west side.

The 120-mile canal, completed in 1869, connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and Asia, passing about 50 ships a day when traffic is unimpeded.

Tanker Trackers spokesman Samir Madani, who monitors the tankers, told the British Times that the accident currently delays the delivery of about 10 million barrels of oil.

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The new Suez Canal was opened

M.D.I.The world

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah, the head of state of the AC-CC, crossed the new Suez Canal in a boat and later signed a document dedicated to operating the artificial waterway.

The Suez Canal was closed due to a major sandstorm