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Camila Camargo breaks down in tears after meeting Zellow Godoy three years later

Camila Camargo breaks down in tears after meeting Zellow Godoy three years later

Camila Camargo He burst into tears when he found his mother, Zelo Godoy, nearly three years later. The artist traveled to the United States, where the mother lives, and arrived on Tuesday (16) with her two children. Julia, the youngest, has not yet met her grandmother. Hugs bring tears to the family.

“Reunion after over two and a half years. Happiness explodes from his chest. I love you so much, Zillow,” the actress wrote, when sharing the video on Instagram.

Minutes later, after recovering from the emotion and drying her tears, Wansa’s sister shared a little of what she felt with followers. He celebrated, “Look with who I am? Do you think I cried? Me with my mother! Finally! I’m so happy.”

In addition to Julia, who quickly goes to Zillow’s bosom, the ex-Zizzi di Camargo also hugs Joachim, Camila’s eldest son with Leonardo Lisa Lopez. The four traveled together.

“Julia, who is this? Who is she?” Camilla was encouraged when she spoke to her daughter. Zillow was touched when she replied: “Say: It’s my grandmother!”.

The whole family left for the baggage claim area after that. According to Camila, it took an hour to return the bags. After that, Zilu had a hard time finding her own car which she parked at the airport. But after some struggle, they were able to leave and go home.


In addition to visiting her mother, Camilla took advantage of her stay in the United States to visit the Disney parks. Even with their very young children — Joaquim is three and Julia, just over a year old — the family was present at the attractions at Universal on Wednesday (17).

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Watch the family reunion in the video below.