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Suspending services to treat infections in 90 patients – SelesNafes.com

Suspending services to treat infections in 90 patients – SelesNafes.com

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Patients undergoing cataract surgery through the Mais Visão program have been experiencing worrying symptoms in recent days. They have been reporting pain and inflammation since undergoing eye surgeries on Monday (4).

For this reason, the program coordination decided to temporarily suspend surgeries. Of the 140 patients operated on that day, 90 returned for treatment and new surgeries at the Frei Daniel de Samarate Center for Human Promotion, in Capuchinhos, in the central region of Macapá – the site that houses the project.

“It started to become inflamed and swollen, and I felt a headache and pain in my eyes, as if there was sand. I came to take medicine and will have another surgery on Tuesday [19]. “The pain went away a little after I received the medicine,” said seamstress Edinis Saraiva, 59. According to her, on the third day of surgery, her eyes swelled and her vision began to become “cloudy,” which is when she went to be examined at Cappuccinos.

Edinis Saraiva: “I came to give you medicine and I will perform another operation”

Patients are taken care of immediately by the technical staff

Patients experience redness, pain, discomfort, and vision loss, ranging from mild to moderate to severe. For reception and treatment, three clinical procedures are performed including the application of eye drops, injection into the eyeball and corrective surgery, according to the medical director of the Miss Visão programme, Dr. Afonso Nascimento.

“It is an unusual situation, but it is important to stress that we are ready and doing everything we can to provide medical assistance to patients and their families. We seek to make efforts inside and outside Brazil, with American and European measures,” the doctor commented.

Medical Director of Mais Visão, Afonso Nascimento

Director of the Center for Human Enhancement, Fray José Carlos Pestana

The team is investigating the causes and suspicions, according to the doctor. Materials and inputs were sent to Anvisa and Health Surveillance to highlight the possible cause.

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According to the director of the Capuchin Center, Fray José Carlos Pestana, all scheduled care and surgeries have been suspended until all infected patients are treated and recovered.

“First, let’s fix these problems. From the first day we discovered this problem, we stopped the procedures and focused on people suffering from difficult inflammation, eye irritation and pain. We have a responsible and qualified team to deal with the situation 24 hours a day. Let’s turn the situation around and continue our work.” The manager said: “It is a very excellent service and is important in the lives of many people who cannot see.”

Services will be suspended…

…until the program treats all patients with symptoms

An average of 75,000 surgeries for pterygium (flesh in the eye) and cataracts were performed at the institution. Mais Visão has served more than 150,000 patients since 2020, enhancing consultation services, examinations, surgeries and ophthalmology monitoring.