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Computer science students win the first stage of the 28th programming marathon

Computer science students win the first stage of the 28th programming marathon


The “Three Men on a Motorcycle” team will compete in the national final in Chapeco (SC)

Four teams of students of the Computer Science course at the Federal University of Piaui (UFPI) won the top four places in the first stage of the 28th Coding Marathon, an event held on September 2 at the IFPI Campus Teresina Central. Under the guidance of teacher Rosiani de Oliveira Cruz, the winning team “Three Men on a Motorcycle”, composed of students Carlos Eduardo de Santana Bastos, Felipe Santiago Gama and Ryan Ferreira de Souza, will compete in the Brazilian final between the 19th and 21st. October in Chapeco (SC).

According to Professor Rosiani de Oliveira Cruz, the marathon helps students develop skills that improve creativity, logical thinking, ability to work under pressure and teamwork. “The four UFPI teams performed very well in the first stage of the coding marathon, in particular the ‘Three guys on a Bike’ team, winner of the Teresina HQ, with 8 problems solved. In the Northeast, the UFPI finished 7th, but 3 Only two teams solved more problems than ours: one from the UFC, with 10 problems solved, one from the UFCG and one from the UFPE, both with 9. In Brazil, we had 726 teams and the UFPI ranked 30th, with only 11 organizations having teams solved. More problems than “three men on a motorcycle”: 3 from the Northeast region and 8 from other regions. “Given the good performance the team showed in the first stage, we are expected to qualify to represent the country in the Latin American final,” he said.

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The 28th Programming Marathon – The Coding Marathon is an event of the Brazilian Computing Society and is in its twenty-eighth edition. The marathon is part of the International Collegiate Programming Competition, which is the main programming competition in the world and classifies teams for the international stages. Undergraduate and graduate students participate in the marathon, forming teams of three to represent their universities. Each team has a coach who can be the same for all teams within the same organization. In competitions, each team receives a test and, using a computer, develops programs to solve the largest number of problems in the shortest time possible.

The programming marathon consists of two main stages, the first of which qualifies for the second stage. In the first phase, several Brazilian cities hosted the marathon and applied the same test to all teams. The best teams are selected for the Brazilian final, and this ranks the teams qualifying for the Latin American final, a new stage that appeared this year before the global final. The Brazilian final will be held in one city that hosts the best Brazilian teams.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the names and composition of the other two UFPI teams awarded in the first phase. The silver medal went to the “Sommeliers do RU” team composed of students Luis Inilton Luz Oliveira, Rafael Ferreira Fernandez and Paulo Henrique Rodríguez de Araujo. The bronze medal went to the “Hackstreet boys” team composed of students Jacob Alexandre Rufino, Leoncio Cavalcante de Araujo, José Emmanuel Rigo de Souza and Lucas Gomez da Silva. All the mentioned teams have Professor Rosiani de Oliveira Cruz as their coach.

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