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When does Duna start appearing on HBO Max?

When does Duna start appearing on HBO Max?

After much waiting and some delays, Danube This Thursday (21) finally arrives in theaters. The film marks the beginning of a series of features that Warner Bros. plans to introduce in the future, while adapting one of the greatest classics of science fiction literature. But not everyone is ready to return to theaters, therefore, the question arises: when Danube Coming to HBO Max?

The skepticism is mainly due to the difference between Brazil and the United States. Abroad, the film will be available to stream on Friday (22). Warner promised that all of its first shows would be available simultaneously in theaters and on stage — much to the chagrin of director Denis Villeneuve, who wants people to see the feature on the largest screen possible.

Fans will have to put up with their anxiety a little longer before they want to ride Dune on HBO Max (Photo: press release/Warner Bros.)

In Brazil, was launched Danube On HBO Max, it will take a little longer. Here, Warner promised a period of 35 days between its debut in theaters and its arrival on streaming, which means the feature will be Available from 25 November on the platform.

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However, it is worth noting that this is not an exact date for the digital release of the film. According to HBO Max, there is not yet a specific release date for the film in the catalog, but the estimate is that it will actually happen in the second half of November, keeping the 35-day window. This means that it may arrive next week or even a few days later.

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This is what happened recently with evil. James Wan’s new horror movie premiered in theaters on September 9 and was released to digital platform subscribers on October 17 — the weekend following the deadline.

This means we should see something like Danube in the next month. Considering that the 35-day expires on November 25, it’s very likely that it will be available the following weekend or, at the latest, in early December. It may sound like a lot, but for those who have waited years for Denis Villeneuve to adapt to the classic, the delay is pretty short.

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