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“Stopover”: Airlines launch a free stopover service on connecting flights in Brasilia |  Federal District

“Stopover”: Airlines launch a free stopover service on connecting flights in Brasilia | Federal District

Boarding area at Brasilia International Airport – Photo: Milca Reveal/Inframerica

Gol and Latam airlines launched a Free stopover for connecting flights at the airport Brasilia. Hey “to stop“It must be requested when purchasing the ticket and has no additional cost (Find out more below).

Passengers Goal Who chooses the service? They can stay up to two days in the federal district Before arriving at the destination, on the way out or on the way back. Those coming from Latin America can stay for up to three days. Minimum stay is 12 hours.

In addition to Brasilia, the service is also available at Sao Paulo – Congonhas and Guarulhos airports. Through GOL, Viracopos Airport in Campinas benefits.

How to request a stop?

✈️ Find your flight and click on the “Stop” option.

✈️ Choose whether you want to stop on your outbound or return journey

✈️ Then, simply select your departure dates and airports, destination and stopover point

Travelers must pay attention to the need to board the airport at the same airport to continue their journey to the final destination of this section. For example, if you get off at Brasilia Airport for a layover, you must continue your journey by boarding at the same airport.

The passenger’s luggage must be collected at the stopover point and, after the stopover period, must be checked in again upon returning on board.

The service attracts more visitors and boosts DF’s economy

Discover Brazil – Brasilia

“The stopover is an opportunity for tourists to get to know Brasilia and all the attractions that the city has to offer. Businessmen and entrepreneurs also have another opportunity to expand their businesses,” says the Minister.

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