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More than R7 billion of forgotten money can still be withdrawn;  See if you are right

More than R7 billion of forgotten money can still be withdrawn; See if you are right

Since March, individuals and companies can check if there are forgotten funds to retrieve. Find out if you can get it!

According to information released by the Central Bank this Wednesday (7), there are still 7.07 billion Brazilian reals that individuals and companies can obtain through the debit value system. The amounts correspond to residual values ​​in financial institutions and cooperatives.

The survey indicates that R$3.93 billion has already been returned, the bulk of which, R$2.94 billion, was for individuals. The rest was released to companies.

In light of this, there are about 4.5 million Brazilians who have amounts to recover, with amounts ranging from R$100 to R$1,000.

How do I know if I have money to receive?

This year, the City Values ​​System was made available for consultations on March 7th. According to BC, about 38 million citizens and 2 million businesses will benefit from the payments.

To find out if you forgot to receive money, the procedure is very simple. It must be done through Official Page central bank. Then enter your CPF number and date of birth.

From this, the debit value system informs whether a person has amounts available or not. If so, you should apply. This year, the municipality issued an information advisory on deceased persons.

Money forgot

Forgotten money in the BC system can correspond to different types of situations. Check out some of them:

  • incorrectly charged fees;
  • Union resources
  • funds in closed accounts;
  • capital shares
  • Credit transaction expenses.

With the launch of the system, the Central Bank warns of fraud attempts involving the subject matter. The Monetary Authority assures that there is only one way to do the consultation and the procedure is 100% free. Any advertisement different from this should be avoided.

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