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Step by Step to Get a Limit of R$5,000 in Nubank: Instant Credit

The nubank Develop a new feature to automatically increase your credit card limit. Therefore, it is worth noting that digital banks use a different method to better analyze credit and adapt new features for the customer. To understand more about this process, read on below.

Find out how to get R$5,000 limit on Nubank – Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

High limit on Nubank

This new feature is created for users who are unable to apply for a credit card with a high limit, whether due to low scores or a bad name. If this happens, the bank will usually automatically give only a small amount, often as low as R$50.

With the possibility of increasing the limit, the only necessary thing that the customer needs to do is to deposit the required amount and make a reservation for use with the card, which can be done directly in the bank application.

For example, a user wants to make a Christmas purchase of about R$100, unfortunately the limit is R$50 credit only on the card. With this new function, deposit the necessary amount into the account you need and keep the maximum amount. a nubank Limits up to a maximum of R$5,000 are allowed.

If a customer deposits R$70.00 with a limit of R$120.00, he can automatically use a limit of R$190.00. Therefore, R$70.00 will be deducted from the amount when paying the credit bill. After paying your credit card bill nubankThe reserved amount becomes available again at will and can be recovered from the account or kept as a maximum.

Although many criticize this new option, it can be very beneficial, especially for those who can’t afford a high credit limit, but just need a card for things like grocery shopping or paying for online services. Also making a difference is that the customer develops a positive relationship with the digital bank, which encourages the addition of credit.

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Pay attention to bills

However, it should be noted that if at some point in time the customer fails to pay the bill before the due date, the bank can take this amount to guarantee the payment of the account. to do that nubank It can also add extra fees, penalties, and very high interest.

In addition, there are many benefits to increasing the limit. are they:

  • Chances of getting or increasing a pre-approved limit The more you use your card and pay your bill on time, the more likely you are to get a pre-approved limit from nubank🇧🇷
  • Credit Purchases: It is possible to use many subscription and purchase-only services on sites that only allow credit card payments.

Being able to grant loans and provide other services, financial institutions take into account the credit history of customers. Therefore, using the feature can help build a good reputation.

Learn how to reserve an amount on the card step by step nubank With the credit limit feature:

  • Access to the application nubank 🇧🇷nubank.com.br🇧🇷
  • Click on the optionCard list🇧🇷
  • click inlimit setting🇧🇷
  • click inBook max🇧🇷
  • Enter the amount you want to use as a credit;
  • ready! The customer can now use his new credit limit.

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