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SpaceX begins building its first floating spaceport

a SpaceX About the start of construction of the first floating spaceport. The airline’s plans indicate that the site will be ready for activities from early next year.

No Twitter, CEO Elon Musk Reveal more details about the Demos project. The spotlight is on an old oil platform that will be converted into a designated reusable rocket launch and landing area.

Earlier this year, SpaceX acquired two oil platforms to create the two floating spaceships Demos and Phobos. The structures will function as a naval readiness field to work with spacecraft.

In addition to honoring the moons of Mars, the names are associated with the positioning function. In the future, they will serve as the basis for launch and landing Spaceships Transport of passengers and cargo from the Red Planet.

In addition, SpaceX intends to establish other space ports such as Deimos near the main centers of the planet. This would make the project feasible to operate a global network of hypersonic flights with spacecraft.

For example, people will be able to travel between destinations as far away as Beijing to New York on trips of about 30 minutes. However, the company must perform tests on certain vessel models before service commences.

Conceptual image of the SpaceX floating spaceport.Source: SpaceX / press release

SpaceX offers

In the past few months, SpaceX has made great progress regarding the spacecraft program. of between it , Starship SN15’s successful launch and landing Held at Starbase – the company’s Texas development facility.

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For now, the company is preparing for The first orbital flight of a spacecraft Attached to the super heavy propulsion missile. Like, they’re working on ground tests with their new Raptor engine.