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What changes in Google Photos as unlimited storage expires?  |  Technique

Google Photos expires unlimited storage this Tuesday; Find out what happens to your account | Technique

Google Gotus This ends Tuesday (1st) unlimited storage of HD photos and videos. These files will now also count toward your available space on the service.

The change was announced before The Google In December 2020. At that time, the company stated that the measure was necessary due to the increased demand for warehousing.

a The platform will continue to offer 15 GB for free And an additional 2 GB for users who run a security check. However, More files will be considered at this limit.

The end of unlimited storage space

In Google Photos, you can store files in two ways: In Original quality, Which saves photos and videos with the resolution they were captured in very accurate, Which, despite the name, slightly reduces the quality of the files so that they are lighter.

The platform actually counts within each user’s limits the space taken up by photos and videos with original quality. HD files saved as of Tuesday (1st) will also be considered. – The ones that have been previously stored go without depending on the maximum.

According to Google, the majority of users will not be affected by the change in the short term. The company says that at the current pace of storage, 80% of users will be able to keep the plan free for the next three years.

How much does a paid plan cost?

Google Photos ranges from 6.99 BRL per month (100GB) to 34.99 BRL per month (2TB).

Additionally, other storage services offer free plans and, after certain consumption, require subscription approval.

Microsoft’s OneDrive offers 5 GB for free and paid plans ranging from $ 9 a month (100 GB) to $ 35 a month (6 TB), on the family plan.

Apple’s iCloud also exports 5 GB for free. The paid plans for the service range from R $ 3.50 a month (50 GB) to R $ 34.90 a month (2 TB).

How to free up space in Google Photos

In some cases, to stay within the free limit and not need the paid Google Photos plan, you will need to delete some files from your account.

One of the alternatives is to delete photos and videos manually, and analyze everything that is stored in the account. Another option is to use a feature that the app offers. Here’s how to free up space on your Google Photos account:

  1. On the main screen of the app on Android or iOS, tap your profile picture;
  2. Select the item “Account Storage”;
  3. Find the “Analysis and Deletion” section;
  4. Access one of the categories and delete the required pictures.

With this option, Google Photos helps you quickly remove very heavy photos and videos, blurry photos, screenshots, and files from other applications. This helps reduce file space to distance themselves from the need to subscribe.

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