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The Pokémon Company presents a boy who sold a deck of cards to treat his dog

a Pokemon Corporation He sent a surprise gift to an 8-year-old who had to sell his collection of letters to pay for his dog’s medical treatment. The date of Bryson Kleiman The virus spread in the United States in May, when his mother published a post on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe, which showed the boy selling a portion of his letters from Pokemon. While the initial goal was to make $700, history led them to make more than $5, owe dollars in total. Now, the company responsible for the Little Monsters franchise has contacted the boy so that he can take back part of his collection (via The Book of Characters).

Company employees sent several floors to Clement, plus a copy of Pokemon Battle Academy, which comes with a board, guide, and advanced grammar booklet, among other accessories. Along with the gift, a message was sent that said:

“Hey Bryson, your story about selling your cards for your dog’s recovery inspired us, here are some cards to replace the ones you had to sell.”

Pokemon cards have become hotly contested during the pandemic.

The gift is even more important given that the pandemic has affected the availability of cards in stores. With stocks dropping, problems also arose due to controversies over decks, which prompted some sites in the US to stop selling them. There was already an increase in production before Pokemon Corporation, but it should take some time to recover the shortage of cards so far.

dog Clement He managed to recover from his health issues, and only needed a few vaccinations. Like all the money the family receives through GoFundMe It was far beyond what they needed, and it was their decision to use it to pay for the treatment of other pets in their city.

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