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Source of salary bonus issued;  Find out if you are entitled to the benefit

Source of salary bonus issued; Find out if you are entitled to the benefit

Brazilian workers can check as of Monday (5) whether they will receive the salary bonus PIS-Pasep 2024In reference to Base year 2022.

Benefit payments start at February 15However, the availability of the amount varies according to the month of birth of the citizen. All beneficiaries will be able to withdraw funds up to… December 27th.

The value is proportional to the length of service. The calculation corresponds to the present value of the minimum wage divided by 12 and multiplied by the number of months worked in the base year. Therefore, only those who worked for 12 months of the base year receive the full amount of the minimum wage.

according to Ministry of Labor, 24.8 million of Brazilians will receive the benefit in 2024, with 21.9 million From the private sector and 2.9 million From public service.

Who is entitled to benefit?

Workers must meet the following criteria to be entitled to receive the benefit:

Be enrolled in a PIS/Pasep or CNIS program (date of first employment) for at least five years;

You have worked for employers that contribute to the Social Integration Program (PIS) or the Public Employee Asset Training Program (Pasep);

To have earned up to two average minimum wages of monthly wages during the period of employment;

You performed paid work for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year of the calculation (2022);

Have the data reported by the employer (legal entity or government) correctly in the Annual Social Information List (Rais) or in eSocial for the base year to be calculated (2022).

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How to carry out consultation?

To make an inquiry using the digital business card app, follow these steps:

Make sure the app is updated.

Access the system using the CPF and password used on the gov.br portal;

Click on “Benefits” then “Salary Allowance”. The next screen will indicate whether the worker is eligible for the benefit.

It is worth noting that private sector workers can also check their benefits status and payment history on the Caixa Trabalhador and Caixa Tem apps.

Where will the amount be deposited?

to push Social integration program (PIS) for workers in the private sector managed by Caixa Economica Federal. Can be accomplished:

By adding a Caixa account, when the worker has a current account, savings account or digital account;

By credit via the Caixa Tem app, in a digital social savings account, automatically opened by Caixa;

In branches, lotteries, self-service, Caixa Aqui and other payment channels offered by Caixa.

actually Public Service Legacy Training Program (Pasep) is valid for public employees, and deposits are made via Bank of Brazil.

In this case, payment will be made mainly as a deposit into a bank account, transfer via TED, via PIX or in person at service agencies.

All information is available for consultation in the application Digital business card And at the gate Gov.br.

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Check PIS/Pasep 2024 payment calendar:

Those born in January: accepted from 02/15/2024 to 12/27/2024;

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Those born in February: accepted from 03/15/2024 to 12/27/2024;

– Those born in March and April: accepted from 04/15/2024 until 12/27/2024;

– Born in May and June: accepted from 05/15/2024 until 12/27/2024;

– Born in July and August: accepted from 06/17/2024 until 12/27/2024;

– Born in September and October: accepted from 07/15/2024 until 12/27/2024;

– Born in November and December: accepted from 08/15/2024 until 12/27/2024.