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The personal trainer was cheated by her fiancé and one million Brazilian riyals were embezzled - Al-Balad

The personal trainer was cheated by her fiancé and one million Brazilian riyals were embezzled – Al-Balad

Personal trainer Carolina Minardi, 37, was a victim of Millionaire scam From the groom himself. gaucho, residing in federal district, One million Brazilian riyals transferred from personal accounts. Information from the portal capital Cities.

The man focused on the money invested in the savings of his ex-partner. He has been identified as 35-year-old businessman Diego Ribas Joyce.

According to the portal, the case was registered by the victim in the first police station (Asa Sul). The crime is being investigated as embezzlement.


Carolina has stated that she met her ex-fiancé in 2014, at Jurriére Internationale, in Santa Catarina. Every week, Diego travels from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia to stay with his character.

After three years of dating, Diego insisted on managing the financial resources of the physical teacher. She had sums of inheritance and court orders. At his insistence, responsibility for the accounts was handed over.

The groom began managing all the bank accounts and personal applications. According to her, the money was transferred to an account opened with a financial intermediary specializing in investments. Altogether, I worked with more than 730 thousand RRL.

The man also persuaded the person to take out two personal loans of R$60,000 and R$90,000 respectively. Together, the total hits are at least 1 million Rls.

Imagine the coup

The person tried to get money to buy a car that you intend to pay with cash. When I got into the accounts at the brokerage, Carolina was told that only R$1,400 had been deposited.

“The money just disappeared. I thought Diego moved and invested the values ​​responsibly. Today I think part of that money is spent,” the persona stated.

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I confronted Diego about the money and he stated that he would return the money. However, he did make some payments via Pix in small amounts between 500 and 1000 BRL.

According to Carolina, the embezzler agreed to sign an acknowledgment of the debt over the amount owed, but the payments became smaller and slower.

Diego’s defense has yet to comment on the accusations.

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