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Campos Neto denies that he has a candidate to succeed him in the Central Bank

Campos Neto denies that he has a candidate to succeed him in the Central Bank

The head of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, described as “fake news” the rumors that he has a candidate to nominate to succeed him in leading the authority.

“I don't have any candidates. Where did this come from?”, said Campos Neto, who participated in the morning at an event organized by LIDE (the group of business leaders).

The current European Commission president remains in office until December 31, and this week argued for a hearing for his successor to be held this year. One goal will be to facilitate the transition.

On Friday, at the Lide Symposium, Campos Neto also strongly denied news that he has plans to open a fintech company in Miami after leaving B.C.

“I don't have any thoughts of doing fintech in Miami. That never crossed my mind,” the BC president confirmed.

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Regarding the economy, Campos Neto reinforced his assessment that potential GDP has increased.

According to him, “anecdotal evidence” suggests that the economy's ability to grow has increased “slightly”, not only in the wake of the reforms implemented in recent years, but also in the wake of the easing of financial transactions allowed by BEC.

“We don't have studies linking financial intermediation to potential GDP, but we know that one thing is linked to the other,” the BC president said when asked about the potential impact of Pix.

When listing potential drivers of potential GDP growth, he pointed to reduced business opening times, flexibility in employment after labor reform, and the BEX project, which he noted has stimulated business creation.

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“These are examples that lead us to believe that potential GDP has improved,” Campos Neto said. “We have a perception that potential GDP has risen slightly.”

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