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“She’s not single anymore.”

“She’s not single anymore.”

The boy, known among the country’s billionaires, is the son of Ana Maria Diniz and Luiz Felipe Davila, who was a candidate for the presidency of the republic in 2022 for the Novo Party and obtained 559,708 votes, representing 0.47% of the total votes. Total elections. João, an economist, graduated from the University of California in the United States.

One of his favorite hobbies is cooking. And don’t think it’s well-made rice and beans, or fresh pasta with a more complex sauce. He specializes in meat and takes his passion to the most remote places in the world, such as Italy.

The calories spent at the table are burned in races and street cycling events, which is another passion for the young man. On his social media account, he shares moments when he was running with friends in Ibirapuera Park or riding a bike in Colorado, United States.

The family’s resources come from the empire created by his grandfather, Abilio Diniz, who founded the Pau de Acucar group. According to Forbes data, in 2022, he will have assets worth R$12 billion.

Abilio is no longer president of Grupo Pão de Áçucar, but is a shareholder in Carrefour and BRF, the country’s largest food company. It is also investing in companies such as Wine, the wine company, and Hilab, the pharmacy rapid testing company.

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