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Anita opens up about battling her ego after a spiritual retreat: “It’s hard” |  celebrities

Anita opens up about battling her ego after a spiritual retreat: “It’s hard” | celebrities

Anita speaks candidly about her struggle with ego after a spiritual retreatReproduction

Published on 10/08/2023 at 14:47

Rio – On Saturday (8), Anita spoke about struggling against her ego after going on a spiritual retreat. The singer stated, in a long text message on Instagram, that she was isolated and disconnected from the Internet for five days, and talked about the challenges of searching for self-knowledge.

“If life called you to look within, without makeup, without mask, without disguise… would you be brave? A conscious, clear look, without tea or additives to help. It will show you according to your courage and your actions,” he asked.

Anita then thought about how this experience would change her life. “The initiation into self-knowledge is a path of no return, painful, intense, profound but miraculous, truly healing. It opens the doors for you to become aware of your true self, and gives you the opportunity to choose to master your self. The battle against my ego was difficult, but after one year, after… Visiting my teacher for the third time, today after 5 days of being separated from everything and everyone, offline and completely surrendered, today I am pursuing another chapter of life with great gratitude and pride. In my courage,” he began.

“Looking within is not easy, looking at your fears, talking to them, looking at your faults, learning to love them, meeting and understanding your ego, fighting against this force that knows all your weaknesses intimately and does not think twice.” “Before using them to try to make you give up. It’s hard, but it frees you,” he concluded.

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