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Is the fund banned?  Learn an easy way to solve the problem

Is the fund banned? Learn an easy way to solve the problem

a square his It is a social services application that also allows banking transactions. The app was created in April 2020, and since then, it has made life easier for many Brazilians. The problem occurs when Caixa Tem is blocked. See what to do in these situations.

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Through the application, citizens can create a free account and use the services provided on a daily basis. For example, making or paying for purchases, transferring money, receiving PIX and many other possibilities.

Box is blocked

With so many services performed through the app, blocking Caixa Tem becomes a big problem for users. So, if your application is in this state, the Department of Citizenship’s guidance is to look for the Caixa module to check for the error.

The directive was issued after several citizens reported the problem. how Box is blocked Many cannot even handle the money they receive through the federal government’s social programs.

Thus, to avoid further delays with the blockade, the main guiding principle is to seek out the Caixa branch as soon as possible and proceed with the service head-on. One of the reasons why the app will be blocked is the registration of multiple CPFs on the same cell phone.

For example, when more than one person uses the Caixa Tem app on a single cell phone, blocking can be done as a security measure. Thus, in the face-to-face service, it is possible to request an exclusion of the CPF that causes the blocking.

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Therefore, in any case of a ban, seek out Caixa Econômica Federal as soon as possible to understand the reasons and launch the application. Another guideline is to always keep your registration data up to date in the Caixa system. This update can be performed by the application itself.