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See the predictions of Gustavo Lima, Ivete Sangallo and other artists in 2024

See the predictions of Gustavo Lima, Ivete Sangallo and other artists in 2024

Gustavo Lima 2024 will not be a quiet year, the stage that tops the charts, No. 1 in Brazil, its days are numbered.

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Claudia Lett He is another artist who will have a lukewarm career this year. Carioca will slow down a lot, and will practically go on “vacation” in the coming months.

The highest is due to Yvette Sangallo. In 2024, a lot will appear and old professional problems will be resolved, according to the tarot reader Igor Henriquealso known as igor polaroid, With more than 50 thousand followers on the X network.

Claudia Lett

“A quieter year for her. I do see great things, great achievements, but at the same time, one thing I don't see is someone teasing her, or some controversy related to her name. I see this as the year that will make her calmer and more peaceful. This is The absurdity has a lot to do with her name, and I see that going away next year. She's calmer, in her own way. The energy is more like a vacation, maybe a hiatus.

Messages from Igor Henrique/@igor_tarot

Yvette Sangallo

“Yvette's career in 2024 will see an interesting transformation. Something that wasn't flowing well, something that stopped, a little stagnant, with a very big improvement. We'll be seeing her face a lot on TV this year. The key brings a solution to an existing problem.”

Cards from Igor Henrique/@igor_tarot

Gustavo Lima

“It's not going to be a great year for him. Some partnerships and some attempts to achieve something I don't see working well. I see it continuing more in the same way. I don't see it flowing as positively as expected.”

Cards from Igor Henrique/@igor_tarot