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TV news “Third Life”.

TV news “Third Life”.

José Roberto Burnier revealed his health condition after suffering a heart attack and undergoing emergency heart surgery on Friday (29). The SP1 and SP2 broadcaster felt chest pain during his New Year shift at Globo. He appeared this Monday (the first) on the bed in the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in São Paulo.

The journalist pointed with three fingers and said he was fine. “I gained my third life, thank God! Thank you so much for the messages of support. Great year 2024 everyone!“, the broadcaster wrote in an Instagram post.

The 63-year-old broadcaster is away from the network for an indefinite period while he recovers. to the newsGlobo Communications reported that another professional has been appointed to replace him. “The Syrian-Lebanese Hospital had previously issued a medical bulletin containing details of his health condition. In his absence, Bruno Tavares will perform SP2.”

According to the sources cited in the report, Burnier felt pain in his chest after SP2 was presented and went to the hospital. Tests were conducted on him and it was discovered that there was a complete blockage in the main artery of the heart, and he underwent urgent surgery.

Given the size of the blockage in the artery, the journalist told his friends that he suspected it had actually caused the two newspapers to suffer heart attacks. The Syrian Lebanese Channel reported that he suffered an acute myocardial infarction, which led to his admission to the hospital.

The hospital team reported that “he underwent a cardiac catheterization procedure that revealed a blockage in the anterior descending coronary artery. A catheterization of this artery was performed and a stent was implanted. The operation was successful and the patient is in stable condition and was admitted to the coronary artery unit.”

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José Roberto Burnier was scheduled to attend Globo's shift on New Year's Eve. He presented local news programs in São Paulo on December 27, 28 and 29. At 30, Ana Paula Campos replaced him. The broadcaster did not provide any explanation about the change.

He has been in charge of SP2 since April 2022, following the sacking of Carlos Tramontina. Bornier presented Conexão GloboNews and was transferred to open television. In 2019, the caller even requested a medical leave to treat cancer at the base of his tongue and returned in 2020 after recovering from the disease.