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Score ignores requests to expel Thiago Ramos over TV aggression news

Score ignores requests to expel Thiago Ramos over TV aggression news

record ignore Fans of A Fazenda 14 have asked for Thiago Ramos to be fired. After the pawn collided with Tati Zaqui and shot Shayan Haghbin, netizens thought he should leave the game. However, the station preferred not to address the subject in the version that was broadcast live on Thursday (6).

Adriane Galisteu usually followed the schedule for Elimination Night and showed off some of the moments that marked the dawn at Headquarters. The show’s production put on the air Thiago’s feuds with Tate and Xian.

“You walked in front of me, and I kept walking,” Neymar’s ex-stepfather explained when Tomas Costa accused him of hitting the Vanquera.

In the comments to the program’s videos, on Twitter, netizens once again questioned the behavior of the model. “Tiago is a danger to the participants and the house. The production must see this. He must be fired, he is aggressive, uncontrollable, he will end up hurting someone,” user Valerio said. “A fire in the hay? This is aggression,” complained Sonya, a netizen.

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Understand the confusion

After losing the farmer’s trial and falling into the fields, Thiago succumbed to provocations Come And Xi’an, but he overreacted and resorted to physical contact. During the dawn of Thursday (6), the model collided with the singer, as well as the Iranian singer.

The confusion started right after the live program. In the midst of celebrating Alex Gallet becoming the new farmer, Ramos came right in the middle with a punch in the face. Cheyenne. Then, in the middle of the crowd, Neymar’s ex-stepfather tapped the Iranian’s ear while his back turned.

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Later, Thiago and Rovinia de Martí start arguing, and Tate comes in to defend her friend. “Your time is up! [de sair]Annoyed, the ex-football player bumped into the funk girl while she was standing and complained that she was in his way.

Tomas Costa, who witnessed the scene, warned that the model’s stance wasn’t great, since Tate wasn’t in front of him, she was just standing. The moment was not broadcast by Playplus, but Tiago himself admitted that he bumped into the singer himself.

“I was on my way, if she has a leg, why can’t she leave? Why should I leave?” he asked. thiago. “I didn’t think it was right, brother, I thought it was ugly,” warned the former Carousel.

Neymar’s ex-stepfather was in the country with Deborah Albuquerque and Russain Pinheiro, but The dancer was eliminated.

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