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final de José Pedro na novela Império

Learn about the ending of Jose Pedro in the telenovela Império

The final chapters of the novel will be tense for Jose Pedro (Cayo Platt). Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero) son of Aguinaldo Silva series villain will face his father and bring a tragic end to the millionaire. Remember how José Pedro will end in the telenovela Império.

The end of Jose Pedro in the telenovela Império

The audience of the telenovela Império has already noticed that Jose Pedro is far from being the leader’s favorite son. I messed up Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) a lot, and the boy doesn’t get the same attention as his father.

Despite being the heir to the leader, he was unsuccessful in his career. He always dreamed of taking his father’s place in charge of the jewelry store, and even tried to become the chief of Império with the help of his mother, but the plan did not work out.

Jose Pedro’s personal life is also subject to turmoil. He begins a plot to marry Danielle (Maria Ribeiro), but his mother and Amanda (Adriana Peroli) team up to destroy the relationship.

In a desperate attempt to obtain the throne that belongs to his father, Jose Pedro becomes the leader’s number one enemy and assumes the alias of Fabricio Melgaso. He joins Silviano (Othon Bastos) and Morelio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia).

In the final part of Império, José Alfredo discovers that his enemy is his son. Jose Pedro kidnapped Cristina, his half-sister, and the commander chased after him to save the girl.

Upon reaching the place, the commander, Jose Pedro, Jose (Roberto Peridelli), Silviano and Morelio exchanged fire – Pedro’s followers died.

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In the final chapter, Jose Pedro kills his father during the confrontation. He ended the series in prison, according to the summary published by Gshow.

Jose Pedro shoots Jose Alfredo (Image: clone/Gshow)
The end of Jose Pedro in the telenovela Império
Jose Pedro finishes telenovela Império in the chair after his father was murdered (Image: Reproduction/Gshow)

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