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Ednaldo Rodrigues, presidente da CBF, recebe executivos do SBT

SBT Summit Meeting with the President of the Brazilian Football Confederation – Prisma

Last Monday, the President of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Edenaldo Rodriguez, received a delegation from the SBT at the entity’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. There was Vice President Jose Roberto Maciel. General Director of Sports, Luciano Caligari Jr.; Vladimir Milo – CEO of Television and Radio Journal, and Fred Müller, National Director of Sales.

For official purposes, courtesy visit.

No one went there to negotiate anything, although the conversation naturally turned to other important topics, including the World Cup, the new management of the Brazilian Football Confederation, the A and B series of the Brazilian Championship, the Copa do Brasil and, of course, Cuba. are doing. Nordeste, which has been broadcasting for several years exclusively on SBT.

The station management also expressed the desire to strengthen relations and expand activities in the sports field, especially in football, and that this will be done according to opportunities and capabilities.

However, it’s hard to think of the Brasil Cup now, starting next year. Globo must take it. But other hypotheses remained to be discussed at another meeting, to be held very soon.

Register for Emmy

The record, with a report in which journalist Andre Tal reveals his battle against Parkinson’s disease, who appears in “Domingo Espetacular,” is the finalist for the 2022 International Journalism Emmy Award, the winners of which will be announced on September 28, during a gala in New York. This is the broadcaster’s first nomination. Andre underwent experimental treatment in the United States and told how he went through this difficult experience.

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Parkinson Research competes with productions from BBC Africa Eye (Nigeria), the UK and Germany.


At CNN Brasil, economists aren’t entirely satisfied.

Prior to any intervention, the Commentator’s Guidelines must be approved by Director Elaine Nogueira. The matter during the election period is to evade the right of reply.

by the way

Yesterday, CNN Brasil encouraged significant changes to its programming schedule, to broadcast Minister Alexander Moraes’ inauguration as TSE Presidency.

CNN Express has been shortened and Prime Time has been increased.

The farm is coming

In Record, all the processes related to the next version of “A Fazenda” have already been launched. The premiere is scheduled for the first half of September. Not long.

Watch the official logo of the program!


Rádio CCR Rio-SP, which operates with 40 stations on the Via Dutra and is run by Rádio Estrada Comunicações, can now sell ads.

The Radiovias service is regulated by the Ministry of Communications.

Livia in Globo

Lívia Andrade will be part of the jury of “Believe Em Quem Queser”, the “Domingão com Huck” attraction.

Leo Dias was anticipating the arrival of the ex-SBT on Luciano Huck’s Globo.

movie theater

Thai Murillo, the musical actress, who has had stints in “Sessão de Terapia” and “O Rico e Lázaro”, will be Cíntia Abravanel in “O Sequestro”, which stars Rodrigo Farrow as Silvio Santos and Marjorie Girardi as Cidinha.

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Filming ended recently, led by director Marcelo Antunes.


Much has been said here about Estúdio 10, from SBT, which will be up and running soon.
Architectural and infrastructure parts are practically completed, it remains only to install equipment. Lots will be rented.

It’s curiosity

SBT has eight studios in its main complex, all indoors with their numbers on the door.
The one there, which will now start to be used, is 10. It will be missing 9, which is not there for any reason yet.


The SBT-Veja-CNN Brasil-Terra-Estadão-Nova Brasil FM congregation will hold the presidential debate on September 24, regardless of the participation of candidates Lula and Bolsonaro.

Mediation by Carlos Nascimento.

best case scenarios

There is still plenty of water to go under the bridge. Nobody can, right now, know how big our economy will be in 2023, but the band has been able to salvage their projects.

One of them relates to dramaturgy. He produced novels with a maximum of 51 chapters. Why 51? I don’t know.


As already discussed in this space, “Os Parças” comes as a series on Globo streaming, with Jojo Todynho incorporating the main cast.

In the first episode, “Julião,” you’ll appear as a member of a gang that kidnaps Whindersson Nunes’ character.


Claudio Marzo’s “appearance” last Saturday in a remake of the Pantanal only reinforces Globo’s interest in continuing to honor the extinct version of Manchetti.

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Christiana Oliveira, aka Juma, should only appear in the last chapter.

series and movie

Gabe Bosic is one of the attractions in the new episodes of “Race”, who plays courtesan Adelina.

The actress who can also be seen in theaters in 2023 in the movie “Nosso Lar 2: Os Mensageiros”, which is a sequel to the groundbreaking movie “Nosso Lar”, directed by Wagner de Assis.

hit – decisive

• Silvio Santos confirmed whether or not he will participate in the recordings of his program on Wednesday.

• SBTNews, which used to be only on YouTube, is now also available on Facebook Watch…

• …and will earn more investments soon.

• “Ararat”, a film by Goto Gomez produced by Marcio Rosario, will be shown for the first time on Friday at the Corta Kinoforum Festival, in São Paulo …

• …This is one of the most important international events dedicated to short films…

• … The heroes of “Ararat” are the children of Anna Muellert: Joe Abu Jamra and Joachim Muellert, the grandchildren of Antonio Abu Jamra …

• …the film is set against the backdrop of the Armenian Genocide.

• TV Jovem Pan already has an agenda for presidential hearings…

• …In order, in September, Ciro Gomez (26), Simone Tebet (27), Bolsonaro (28) and Lola (29) …

• …the information is that it is all confirmed.