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São Paulo fined 5,000 Brazilian reals for preventing Abel Ferreira from holding a press conference |  Sao Paulo

São Paulo fined 5,000 Brazilian reals for preventing Abel Ferreira from holding a press conference | Sao Paulo

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Tricolor will have to pay R$5,000 to the FPF. The penalty is subject to appeal. The Sao Paulo Football Association relies on Articles 2 and 3 of its regulations, which require local clubs to provide sufficient space to hold press conferences:

  • Article 2: It is the host club's duty to provide the space and structure to organize and conduct interviews;
  • Article 3: If there is only one room or press space available in the stadium, the visiting team's interview will be conducted and, subsequently, the home team's interview will be conducted, unless prior agreement has been reached between the clubs, which must be communicated to the Football Association. At least 24 hours before the match.

GE São Paulo explains the regulations regarding making the conference room available to visitors

The veto by São Paulo occurred because the Tricolor board realized that this would amount to a reciprocal treatment for what they receive at Allianz Parque when they play at their rival's stadium.

In 2022, for example, Palm trees A room attached to the Allianz mixed zone presented with problems with the sound system and without the possibility of Sao Paulo commentary on its background. Last year, an interview with Dorival Jr. had the same problem.

Abel Ferreira in São Paulo x Palmeiras – Photography: Marcos Riboli

After Sunday's match, Julio Casares fired back at the coach and said “there won't be any more refereeing matches in Paulistão.” The speech only served to further inflame the spirits, which had become quite heated in the locker room corridor.

According to the president of São Paulo, one of my aides Palm trees He mocked Calleri and laughed when he saw him being talked down to and insulted by the linesman. Therefore, the Tricolor club prevented the Palmeiras coach from giving the interview.

Hey Palm treesIn turn, he claimed that there was a lack of respect on the part of Sao Paulo even before the confrontation began. There were reports that the loudspeaker was played loudly with the tricolor anthem being directed into the changing rooms.

Another complaint is that the lawn irrigation system was directed towards professionals who were on the sidelines and blocked part of the work.

Eduardo Rodriguez sums up the confusion after the Choque-Rei and Ge Palmeiras debates

See the memorandum issued by São Paulo:

São Paulo Football Club explains that, under reciprocity, it has made the MorumBIS mixed zone available for Sociedade Esportiva interviews. Palm trees. Whether or not the space is used is the responsibility of the visiting club.

It is worth noting that in the last match held at Allianz Parque, São Paulo had to hold the press conference in a small space attached to the mixed area of ​​the stadium, a place through which many people pass, allowing access to the stadium. Football boys' locker room, without the right to properly fix the background with sponsors.

In effect, the journalists were left sitting on the floor and without the ideal sound system to do the work of all participants.

“São Paulo informed us, only after Sunday's game, that there would be no room for an interview with coach Abel Ferreira – a backdrop with the club's sponsors had already been installed in the press conference room in Morumbi.

Since the home team did not offer us any alternative (not even the mixed zone), the coach's press conference was cancelled. The argument used by São Paulo (“reciprocity”) does not match the truth, because Palm treesWhen he is in charge, he always makes space to meet the opposing coach.

“We have informed the Sao Paulo Football Federation of this hostile act and hope that the necessary action will be taken.”

Julio Casares upon Sao Paulo's arrival to Morumbi in a match against Palmeiras – Photography: Marcos Riboli