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São José opens the “dengarium” at the Hospital de Clínicas Sul

São José opens the “dengarium” at the Hospital de Clínicas Sul

Paola Pessoa
Health Secretary

Starting Saturday (16), the city of São José dos Campos will open a “dengarium” at the Hospital Clínicas Sul, in Parque Industrial, to expand care for patients suspected of dengue fever in the city.

This measure is part of the municipal emergency plan. The new care space, nicknamed “dengário”, was strategically opened at the Hospital de Clínicas Sul due to demand from the region, which has a higher rate of cases, corresponding to more than 40% of records in the city.

The space contains an exam room, 30 hydration chairs, two medical care offices, rapid NS1 tests, and will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a team dedicated to cases requiring rehydration and medications (oral or intravenous) with the ability to care for More than 600 patients daily.

The new space has 30 humidor chairs

The entire health network, including UBSs, UPAs and public hospitals in the city, is maintaining service normally, with NS1 tests being carried out if necessary.

The City Hall also publishes the daily schedule of actions against dengue on the campaign page against dengue.


The cooperation of residents is essential, with extra attention and friendliness from agents, who work to ensure everyone's health and are allowed into the home to assess backyards, plant pots and drains.

If you identify abandoned land or places that could be a breeding ground for dengue transmission, residents should call the central number 156 (phone, website and app).

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