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Data science students get second place in programming event in India |  education

Data science students get second place in programming event in India | education

Vatic students at Santos (SP) submitted an essay asynchronously via computer – Photo: personal archive

Three data science students from the College of Technology of the State of São Paulo (FATEC) Rubens Lara, from Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, achieved a first place In the finance category it was Runner-up In the overall classification for an event held in India. The trio’s article stood out among 32 other works from different countries in “Student Research Forum“.

The 2023 edition brought together students from India, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Qatar To enhance critical thinking and analytical skills.

Students Flavia Valli, Gabriel Silva and Thalita Roth dedicated themselves for almost a year. In January, they presented an article about the groups Data on stocks traded on the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) Between 2018 and 2022.

“Great programming”

to g1Thalita, 34, explained that a fascination with programming in India is something the group shares in common. The colleagues met at Flavia's apartment and presented their work in the early hours of 15 December. The result was a positive surprise.

“In Silicon Valley, in the United States, there are a lot of Indians working. Because they learned programming from a young age. All this attracts our attention.” […] He said their programming logic is impressive.

Thalita, Gabriel and Flavia are students at FATEC in Santos (SP) – Photo: personal archive

The work to complete the linear algebra system was carried out under the guidance of Professor Alexandre Garcia de Oliveira. He explained to g1 The proposal is to take numerical columns and transform them to reduce the dimensions, but without changing the initial statistical properties.

“Think of an Excel table with 300 columns and many rows. The work will be slow, do you agree with me? There is a lot of data to work with, it requires a lot of memory and it becomes more difficult,” the teacher said.

The work came first in the financial panel discussion entitled “Sustainable Development and the New Dimension in Finance and Accounting,” and second in the general presentation of the meeting. Selected articles will be published in SCMS 2024 Annual Research Journal.

The remaining feelings for Thalita are joy, gratitude and the desire to seek more. “The faculty always encourages students to write scientific articles, but sometimes we don't know how far we can go. This year, we want to do more, we have other focus points, and other countries as well.

Videos: g1 in one minute from Santos