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Samsung may have abandoned its method to avoid damage to screens

Samsung may have abandoned its method to avoid damage to screens

Last week, Android 14 reached more Samsung mobile phone models. However, due to a small glitch, it may be better to wait to install the update on your device. This is because the company has apparently ruled out a method that avoids the burn-in effect in the status bar.

Burn-in occurs when there is permanent discoloration on part of a cell phone screen. Generally, this is caused by prolonged use of still images, causing scary “ghosting” to appear on the screen.

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However, this was a big problem in the past and was solved with a simple trick: changing the UI elements a bit so that they don’t stay in the same place for too long. This is almost imperceptible to us, but it goes a long way toward preventing burnout.

However, it now appears that Samsung has abandoned the trick with One UI 6 (Android 14). According to the site 9to5GoogleReddit users have noticed that status bar items (time, battery, etc.) no longer appear to move over time. This was noticed when comparing screenshots over time, as the status bar elements line up perfectly on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Comparing screenshots over time on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which runs One UI 5 (Android 13), showed that elements moved around significantly, resulting in an almost blurry effect when screenshots are stacked on top of each other.

A montage with a post from a Reddit user shows Samsung’s feature that prevents copying on mobile phones. Image: dragoslash/reddit

Meanwhile, the navigation bar buttons are still moving. So, Samsung may not have completely abandoned this method to avoid burn-in. It’s possible that the company is adopting another approach to prevent burn-in or has modified the screenshots to compensate for the movement of the status bar elements.

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