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Samsung launches credit card with Bluetooth technology

Samsung launches credit card with Bluetooth technology

Samsung has made a major inroad into South Korea’s financial sector with the launch of the KB Kookmin SkyPass IoT Titanium card. Developed in partnership with KB Kookmin Card, the card uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to make it easier to locate if lost.

Powered by Samsung’s SmartThings Find platform, the card allows users to track it through their mobile devices. With a simple tap on the app or website, you can check the card’s last known location, as well as its location history for the past seven days.

In addition to the possibility of locating the card with a smartphone, the card also offers a reverse function: by pressing a secret button, it is possible to make the smartphone emit a sound, which facilitates searching in nearby environments.

To prevent losses, the card has a feature that notifies the user when they leave their cell phone behind, providing an extra layer of security. The KB Kookmin SkyPass IoT Titanium Card’s battery provides up to 30 days of autonomy on a single charge, which is easily accomplished via inductive charging.

Despite the innovation, the initial launch will be limited to just 1,000 units in South Korea, with no expansion planned for other markets. Samsung did not comment on future global launch plans for a similar product.

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