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Google adds new artificial intelligence to its application!  Learn more about Gemini

Google adds new artificial intelligence to its application! Learn more about Gemini

Google’s Messages app has just received an update that’s catching the attention of its users: an exclusive shortcut to access the Gemini chatbot. This improvement makes using this tool easier, integrating advanced AI technology directly into the user interface.

This integration represents a huge leap in practicality, eliminating the need to navigate through additional menus. Previously, accessing Gemini required a longer selection process, which has been greatly simplified with the new update.

Gemini, Google’s AI. (Image: Disclosure/Google)

How to use Gemini in Google Messages?

When using the new Google Messages shortcut, users will quickly be directed to the chat window with Gemini. This happens immediately after clicking the button strategically located above the new message button, resulting in improved access to the AI. When this function is activated for the first time, terms and conditions are displayed, ensuring that the user is aware of how to apply the technology.

How can Gemini help users?

The Gemini chatbot is programmed to provide assistance with a variety of tasks, from answering simple questions to suggesting dinner ideas. Although there are some limitations, such as the impossibility of reading existing messages, the bot can interact efficiently, making suggestions and constructive responses based on the interactions performed.

Requirements to use the new Google Messages shortcut

  • Activate RCS and log in to your Google account.
  • Device with 6GB or higher RAM.
  • The system language is set to English or French.

These requirements are essential to ensure that the bot functions optimally and flawlessly, providing a smooth and responsive experience.

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Gemini’s new quick access button is being rolled out gradually. Therefore, Google Messages users should pay attention to the available updates so as not to miss this new functionality that promises to make communication more dynamic and practical.

Also check out other updates that may include additional improvements, such as expanded contact photo display. These small improvements turn Google Messages into a powerful tool that’s indispensable in everyday life.