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Capcom announces remastered version of classic zombie game for PC and consoles! Checkout

Capcom announces remastered version of classic zombie game for PC and consoles! Checkout

resurrection of the dead, Capcom’s beloved zombie-slaying action-adventure series, has been missing for a long time – but it looks like it’s about to return via a remaster. Surprisingly, Capcom announced, last Wednesday (26), Dead Rising Deluxe RemasterThe first game in the franchise is set to be released for the new generation of consoles. However, the date has not been set, but the title will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC..

The game will almost certainly feature a full visual refresh – in fact, much more than you’d expect from a popular remaster, it seems. Interestingly, the only voice heard in the teaser also indicates that Terence J. Rotolo will not be returning to the role of protagonist Frank West, although this has not been officially confirmed by Capcom at this time. Check out the trailer below:

The first game in the series was originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And of course, just like the trilogy, devil may crywhich had many versions, the first resurrection of the dead It was also remastered for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016.

Now with Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster It looks like things will get better, as the game will only arrive in the new generation and will have a “completely new look”, according to Capcom themselves.

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It was launched in 2006, Raising the dead It is a survival action game set in a zombie-infested shopping mall. Here, players take on the role of Frank West, a photojournalist investigating a zombie outbreak in the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado.

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One of the game’s biggest highlights is its vast arsenal of improvised weapons, which includes everything from common items like baseball bats and chairs to more unusual items like vacuum cleaners and even guitars. In addition to facing off against hordes of zombies, Frank must rescue survivors and uncover the truth behind the outbreak before time runs out.

The first Dead Rising game was released in 2006 by Capcom.source: Capcom

Raising the dead Widely known for its open-world gameplay, dark humor, and limited time system, the game brought some fun twists to the zombie formula at the time. The entire series, which includes four games, has sold over 16 million units.

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