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Sampaoli blasted, Maracanã grass will recover and rest

Sampaoli blasted, Maracanã grass will recover and rest

After the match with Racing, Flamengo coach Jorge Sampaoli harshly criticized Maracanã Park. The management of the stadium, which is being carried out by Flamengo and Fluminense, already foresees a recovery period and a grass change in the next 15 days from FIFA’s date.

The Maracanã administration’s assessment is that the pitch is tired from so many matches. There were only four in the eight days of June. However, there is an understanding that Sampaoli’s criticisms are exaggerated because the course is not considered “too bad”.

“The condition of the stadium is so bad, it’s almost impossible to play. That’s why it’s very strange that nearly 70,000 people come to see a game on this type of stadium. (…) We keep trying, I ask the club to intervene in improving the stadium, let’s play in Better field,” said the coach. Arascaita also supported the coach’s criticism.

On Friday, the day after the game, the cutting of the Maracanã grass began so that the seeds for winter could be sown. So, in the match between Flamengo and Gremio, on Sunday, the grass loses its color, which is normal for this period.

After that, sand will be thrown to ensure moisture to improve the germination of winter grass. Benefit from the FIFA Historic Period where the stadium will remain unused for nine days.

The Maracanã is the most heavily used course in the country, and as such, there is constant wear and tear and the need for a break.