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Atlético-MG’s debts with Alan and the staff have become an asset for Flamengo in the negotiations

Atlético-MG’s debts with Alan and the staff have become an asset for Flamengo in the negotiations

The miners have financial disagreements with the midfielder. The discount refers to the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil trophies

Flamengo see Atlético-MG’s debt with Alan as an asset in negotiations to buy the 26-year-old midfielder, as Goal. Rooster also has financial problems with the player’s staff.

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Debts with the midfielder refer to the trophies promised to the team – the club is late in paying due to the standings in the Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil. There are still delays in the values ​​like a glove.

Debts to businessman Giuliano Bertolucci, who looks after the player’s career, refer not only to Alan’s commissions. Atletico-MG has not made regular payments to agents for at least nine months, the report found. There are delays in installments of the amounts agreed with the representatives.

The sports staff, who acts as a go-between in the negotiations, sees the debt as a possibility to speed up a deal that includes steering the wheel to Ninho do Urubu. Alan’s businessmen are convinced that this is an aspect that can intensify the results of negotiations.

After asking for €10m (R$52.5m) to release the midfielder, Gallo has already agreed to lower the demand to €9m (R$47.27m). The miners want the amount to be paid without specifying the rewards for the targets and they are also asking for a lump sum – the desire is for 70% of the amount to be paid immediately after the sale agreement is signed. The rest can be paid in instalments.

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There is still an attempt to keep a percentage of what the player is entitled to negotiate. Today, 70% of the economic rights to the midfielder are owned by Atlético. Alan owns 20% of the rights, and businessman Giuliano Bertolucci has an exclusive letter giving him 10% of the business.