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Sala Minas Gerais: TCE requests the suspension of the agreement between Fiemg and Codemig

Sala Minas Gerais: TCE requests the suspension of the agreement between Fiemg and Codemig

The Court of Accounts of the State of Minas Gerais (TCE-MG) requested on Tuesday (9/4) the suspension of negotiations related to Sala Minas Gerais.

It also gave a period of five days to the CEO of the Minas Gerais Economic Development Company (CODEMIG), Thiago Coelho Toscano, to provide clarifications regarding the agreement signed last Friday (5/4) with the Federation of State Industries of Minas Gerais (FEMG). On this occasion, a joint management agreement was signed for the Sala Minas Gerais and Espaço Mineiraria clubs.

The Minas Gerais Room is one of the pieces of equipment that makes up the Codemig portfolio management software. However, in October 2023, the TCE-MG Codemig recommended that the continuity of this programme, including the signing of contracts resulting from the bidding processes, be suspended until the final evaluation of the benefits.

According to the advisor, “the legality of the administrative actions carried out by Codemge’s management body within the scope of the portfolio management program should be investigated, as there are indications that the aim of this program is not to divest some of the company’s assets, but rather to privatize them without the necessary legislative authorization.”

The Advisor also recommended that Codemig refrain from implementing any action related to the cooperation agreement with Fiemg/Sesi Minas until the final analysis of all documents.

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This complex situation also had ramifications for the state legislature. MP Luhana (PV), along with the Democracy and Struggle Bloc – made up of parliamentarians opposed to the Zima government – ​​requested a public hearing in the Culture Committee to address the issue. The meeting will be next Tuesday (4/16) at 3:30 pm.

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“What is the purpose of changing the management of Sala Minas Gerais? How was Fiemg chosen in this process? And what are the ways in which we can restore this process, because Sala Minas Gerais is designed to host the orchestra,” the MP explained of the doubts that will be discussed at the meeting.

“What we realize is that things are done in a very random way. There was no conversation with the Culture Commission before. It is another intervention of economic power in the administration in the state of Minas Gerais,” Lohana added. Minas state.

In civil society, the Technical Cooperation Agreement continues to have a negative impact. In an open letter to Governor Romeo Zema (Novo), the Brazilian Academy of Music and musicians from 11 Rio de Janeiro orchestras expressed their solidarity with their colleagues in the Philharmonic.

“By expelling the orchestra from its headquarters and opening the way for the Sala of Minas Gerais to host performances unsuitable for the concert hall, the Minas Gerais state government is committing a grave error and gross injustice, maliciously interfering in the artistic development of the orchestra,” the musicians wrote.

The letter was signed by the orchestras Sinfônica do Theatro Municipal do RJ, Sinfônica Brasileira, Petrobras Sinfônica, Sinfônica Nacional da UFF, Sinfônica da UFRJ, Sinfônica da UniRio, Sinfônica Jovem do RJ, Johan Sebastian Rio, and Rio Filarmonica.

The government defends “calm management”

Announcing the partnership between Codemig and Fiemg, last Friday (5/4), Minas Gerais State Secretary for Culture and Tourism, Leonidas Oliveira, stated that this measure “will give the chamber and orchestra greater peace of mind for the ensemble members.” “Managing this space, which currently costs about R$4.5 million (annual).”

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In a memorandum, the secretary stated that “Sala Minas Gerais is owned by Codemge and it is up to it, in accordance with the law, to manage the space. However, there is consensus that the priority of the room should be for the use of the orchestra. The management contract should be renewed as agreed between the Philharmonic and the state government.” Minas, with Secult-MG intervention.

Flavio Rosco, president of Fiemg, posted a video on Instagram last Monday (8/4) in which he stated that “at the end of last year, the government of the state of Minas Gerais contacted us and that the orchestra itself had no interest in preserving the music.” The contract is with Sala Minas Gerais.” It also stated that “in the negotiations between Codemge and Sesi-MG, we kept the Conservatory (Orchestra) Board informed of these negotiations.”(With Lucas Lana Resende)